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Proof That Your Inner Child Can Make or Break Your Relationship or Marriage

I mentioned the “Inner Child” a few days ago and have been inundated with both success stories and questions and requests for more detail, so here goes!

Wow! I’ve been swamped with the usual requests for help with delicate and desperate situations, which is nothing unusual, but it seems that everybody wants to know about this “inner child” thing I mentioned a few days ago.

If you missed the recent issue on how your inner child can trigger either attraction or maternal drive, depending on how you let it show through, back up and read that one now so that the rest of this article will make sense and you can get the most out of it. You can see it in the archive at:

…and you’ll want to also make sure you caught the following issue on October 26, on ignoring women, because today’s most “interesting” response is from Kevin, the gentleman whose question spawned that issue. He’s sent us a status report that I’m going to have to lower the heat on a bit just to make sure it gets through all the spam filters. You can catch that one at!

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Okay, now that everybody is up to speed, here’s Kevin’s response after applying the advice he was given in those two issues mentioned above:

David, so glad to have been able to offer that contribution as I know it will help other guys!! Your advice was golden!!! Last night the hand holding, etc. continued and I took the lead and pulled her to my shoulder this time!! It just was totally what she was wanting!!! The caressing began and before you know it, my wife was giving me the most fantastic [substitute your favorite totally raw term for “oral pleasure” here]!!!! Totally GOLDEN!!!!

Thanks man!!!

Ummm…yeah. Any questions? All that bouncing back and forth between leadership and the inner child creates tension that must be released, and the release usually starts with her removing somebody’s clothing. ‘Nuff said.

Well, no, not quite. You may remember that his wife was telling him that he could put his head on her shoulder, and he ignored it. Would anybody care to bet on whether she was telling him to put his head on her shoulder to induce him to snuggle her up to where she could put her head on his? Possible test, possible “’Are you hungry?’ meaning ‘I’m hungry’” sort of scenario, very possibly an indirect attempt to communicate the desire she obviously had. So next time I start talking about indirect communications, pay attention. It happens to all of us, every single time we interface with a woman in any context and for any purpose.

So what is this inner child stuff? Let me paint you a picture. Indeed, North American residents will have seen this. There is a company here, Midas Muffler, that has been around as long as I can remember and does all manner of automotive service, including brakes.

They have this television advertisement in which they try to express how critical it is to have your brakes in good working order by staging a scene where a little boy rushes a group of three little girls with his pet lizard, causing them to squeal and laugh and run, and he chases them across an intersection. Half-way across, he drops his lizard, then runs back to get him. Meanwhile, a mother is coming up to the intersection and stomps on her brake pedal and stops short of hitting the boy, who is oblivious to her presence until he stands up and sees her.

What you’ll notice most if you watch these children is that first, they’re all laughing and having fun, and the little girls are enjoying the little boy’s attack. They’re not running and shrieking, they’re running and squealing with delight. Then, after Midas makes their pitch for having you come in and let them do a brake job on your car, there’s a scene with the four kids standing and grinning with their arms around each other – all four of them. And the little boy has a look on his face that most men would give their eye teeth to have on theirs, the look of the man who is the leader of the pack and all the woman are smiling at.

It’s that fearless sense of mischievous play, the one we all felt before we got old enough to let someone convince us that we needed to impress each other and fear losing each other, the one that makes you do wondrous, heroic, and fun things, and makes you enjoy telling and hearing a good story or a naughty joke, that makes it fun to steal a kiss (or grope a shapely behind!) when nobody is looking, that I’m talking about, and that women utterly adore and crave to see in a man.

Especially when he’s a manly man who doesn’t just dream things, but makes them happen. A man who will chase her with the lizard, but when he catches her, instead of saying, “EEWWWWW! Girl germs!” and running away himself, will hold her there, captive, looking her dead in the eye and teasing her with the promise of a kiss. A man who, when she’s crying, will ask what’s wrong, listen to her problem, and instead of trying to force a solution on her if she doesn’t ask for one, divert her from crying by teasing her and leading her into something fun instead of playing into her distraught state and getting upset himself, assuring her through his own bravery in the face of a problem that she can be brave too without minimizing the significance of either her problem or her concern for it.

It’s not hard, Guys. Indeed, it’s pretty easy. The rules are really fairly few and simple, and the only reason you’ve been screwing up for so many years is because when you wanted to know what the rules were, every guy fed you a line of crap because he didn’t know and every girl or woman either didn’t know what she really responded to or knew but couldn’t tell you in a way you could understand. And until recently, you probably really didn’t think you needed to know any more than you do – also not surprising, is it?

But here you are, looking for information, and help. And there’s a whole bunch of people around who will tell you that you found it, too. It’s not just Kevin who’s kicking things up a notch, and by the way, all those exclamation points were his; I didn’t add a single one.

So do you want to get in on what he and the others are using to get their wives out of divorce court and into a second honeymoon that doesn’t involve travel to some exotic place and blowing a bundle of money on bad food and bad service? Sure you do!

So here’s how: Go to and download your copy of "THE Man’s Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage," and just read it and use what you learn, like the three simple rules that will break the inter-gender communications barrier (and stop all that damned eye-rolling and accusations of “You NEVER listen to me!”) and the few simple things that you need to do to make her see you as the man she married or better and shift back into honeymoon mode, even if you’ve been together twenty years or longer. It can happen to you just as easily as everybody else, and life’s too short to not go for it and MAKE IT HAPPEN, so get moving!

In the meantime, live well, be well, and have a wonderful day!
David Cunningham

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