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The Path to Real Manhood and a Great Relationship and Marriage, Part 2

My buddy David saw his letter in yesterday’s episode, and erupted with a continuation of his epiphany, which has even more valuable insights that you won’t want to miss, so read on!

One of my older coaching clients and best friends, and probably my top student of all time, Noel, has joined our forum at, so it’s about to get even more interesting. I’ve built quite a few newsletters around conversations that he and I had, because he has a talent for noticing small but very important details and for bringing abstracts into the real world. So now my top two students, both now masters, have come onboard as supermoderators, able to moderate and discuss in all forums, joining several other very adept helpers, some intelligent and prolific members, and me, and you can bet there is going to be a lot of good information flying around.

If you missed yesterday’s episode, you really missed a treat, so go back and catch up. Today’s is even more insightful and significant than yesterday, as the floodgates appear to have been opened. Without further ado, more from my friend David, one of the aforementioned masters:


I could tell it had all the earmarks and thanks for further clarifying some of the points, which inspired me further:

Stress basically comes from what? Doing things we don't want to do, feel compelled to do or don't enjoy doing. Being an Alpha Male is who we are meant to be and nature gears us up for it from the moment of conception according to all scientific evidence. We are genetically programmed for it and are hence born to be precisely and elegantly an Alpha Male, nothing less.

So when you throw in the BS of trying to get us to be anything other than MALE, our stress levels rise accordingly because we are doing something AGAINST OUR NATURE! As you pointed out, it is not a question of gearing ourselves up for more stress to save our relationships; it's a question of how much relief we want in our lives, our relationships and our minds.

How popular was the song "Take This Job and Shove It!" because it echoed so many people’s despair over their jobs? When it finally clicks in men’s minds how HUGE a stress it is for a woman to be bored, is it any surprise she's ready to sing "Take This Relationship And Shove It?" because it has all the earmarks of being a JOB now and not a source of pleasure, safety, trust, fun and excitement, or anything positive at all?

We all fantasize about being free. How magic a honeymoon is because you have PERMISSION to enjoy yourselves with no restraints. Run on the beach naked? No Problem! Tickle and tease? Go for it! Get frisky wherever and whenever? Hooyah!

What restrains this behavior at home? It's not the kids, it's not the job, it's not her. YOU have stopped giving yourself PERMISSION to be YOURSELF. You have now become locked up behind the cell door of "expected behavior" and the constant stress that goes with it. Your creativity goes by the doormat, your fun hangs on the coat rack by the door, and your stress amps up as you walk in. You now have two jobs. Work and home. Is it any wonder things go south? Now your relationship and marriage has turned into a job, a bad job, for both of you! And at this point, could life together such any worse? Not much!

Why do we lose patience with those who are not men any longer? Because nobody tolerates a fake. Someone who lives a lie in an attempt to please. Our natures scream against it. We are following our nature when we seek to open the eyes of those in lockdown. Yet they - like a caged bird - have grown so used to it being "normal," they no longer see the bars. It has become safe, and they have become your “comfortably unhappy.” Our frustration grows because we are trying to free them and they don't want it. It's too hard. It's too much work. They’re safe. The constant bombardment of whining wears anyone down. You can hear so much of it before it becomes sickening. It becomes so clear, so obvious you stare in disbelief how obvious it is and they can't see it!

And just how safe is it if she's out the door after trying, fighting and begging you to step up and you keep closing the door every time she tries to open it? She wants her man back and he only wants his safety. It is a fact lions, tigers and most any large animal in a zoo will fight to keep its territory in that little cage even when offered a larger open space in front of it. They have to poke and prod it into freedom. What size prod will it take for men to learn?

D.H. Lawrence wrote a lot of poetry, and some of it sounds strange until you find the context, such as one that was featured in “G.I. Jane” (another shining example of women acting more like a man than men do):

“I never saw a wild thing feeling sorry for itself. A bird will fall, frozen dead, from a bough, without ever having felt sorry for itself.”

I never saw the significance of that until we started discussing this, and the lion analogy reminded me that we were once wild, but now, like the lion, we can’t tell the difference between what we have and something better, and feel sorry for ourselves because “she just doesn’t understand,” and “we do everything for them and they just don’t appreciate it.” Yeah, right.

The question would then simplify to - "Do you give yourself permission to be a man or do you enjoy your cage too much?" Asking someone else's permission does not free you of responsibility. It adds to it. It now makes YOU responsible for your and her decisions because you didn't make them. You may see the responsibility as being hers because she made it. What you have done in fact is make her FEEL responsible for not only her issues, but now she has to take care of yours as well. Now she is feeling more caged by the minute. Trapped behind bars she does not want, did not build and YOU put her there. Any wonder she starts to resent you?

So if any man ever asks a woman for permission as an attempt to be sensitive, what he is asking her in her mind is, consciously or not, for her to join him in his cell, in his enslavement, in his BOREDOM. What woman in her right mind would agree to any such thing? Is it any wonder every instinct in her is screaming 'LEAVE RIGHT NOW!" Or that eventually, if he doesn’t straighten up, she listens to the voices inside and either leaves or puts him out?

Think about what being true to our nature means. One aspect is being able to sense the falseness in others. It becomes easier to tell from the smallest of hints. Women cultivate their true nature as a part of growing up. It builds and enhances their nature to more effectively deal with life and their relationships. Because they are strengthening their true nature, anyone being false hasn't a chance of fooling them. It's also why when they are not being true to their nature but fighting against it as most feminists do, it's harder for them to tell when someone is false.

Understanding body language helps, but when you sense it as a part of your nature, it takes minimal education of its nuances for the recognition to expand.

Is the light of truth harsh reality or a beacon of freedom?

Harsh reality slaps you in the face with papers, storming out the door in anger, or affairs.

The beacon of freedom frees you from the need to put on an act, to pretend, to lie to yourself or her any longer.

And if you don't have to pretend any more, think what freedom that gives you to have some fun again! There is no longer any pressure to "perform!" No longer wondering what will set her off or make her happy. No more eye-rolling, making you wonder what just happened and why you have that knot in the pit of your stomach. It's now simply a matter of who you are that makes her wet just thinking about what is to come.

Her tests are easy to pass because you simply react as a man. You don't have to learn how to handle each situation in detail. You don't need examples. You simply call it what it is, make it clear you know what's up and she'll love you for it.

Maybe that's why there's such a negative reaction by women growing stronger and more outraged at all the dating and attraction "skills" being taught. They find out about them, check to see if you're using them and make it clear in no uncertain terms what they think of you. I even saw a CSI Miami episode where the women were having great fun making fun of and embarrassing men "caught in the act" of “running game” on them.

To my mind it also taints the image of what men perceive about fixing relationships. It's learning another set of skills to deal better with their women when in fact it's nothing of the kind. Like you said. It's about being reborn as the man you were intended to be. Stop looking at it as a skill, an act, a set of learned behaviors you need to practice. It's learning to forgive yourself for the mistakes you've made and realizing nothing would please her more than to see you making mistakes and having successes on your way to being the man she wants. The mistakes she'll forgive, and help you learn from when she sees you actually doing something. The successes she'll reward you with in ways you had no clue she was ready to give you to make sure they keep coming!

Finally it will begin to sink in that she REALLY DOES want you to succeed. It's in her best interest, her long term sanity and safety. She can relax and be your woman when you relax and BE her man. The nagging and carping stop when you begin. Then maybe you'll realize the picking at you is not her trying to drive you nuts, it's her trying to wake you up! Once she knows you are back among the living again and not hiding behind "expected behaviors" anymore, the rewards won't cease.

Oops! Gotta get ready for work. I've been thinking the logical conclusion to this is how misunderstood the picture of an Alpha Male is in most men's minds. It's gotten so idealized it seems unapproachable, when indeed it is our natural state.


Are you getting all of this? Could it be made any clearer for you? This is the way of the world, and if you don’t “believe” it, ask a woman! Ask her what it feels like to be with a man who bores her, a man who doesn’t listen to her, a man who won’t step up and act like a man, a man who won’t lead, and either whines about having to make decisions or even worse, is so insecure that in lieu of leading, he attempts to control everything, including her. I did…

Indeed, I asked a great many, and learned from them. And I taught their boyfriends and husbands, and we then refined everything and once it was all proven, I began teaching other men, including David, and they in turn are teaching thousands more as they live in relationships and marriages that most would think impossible, when indeed if a foundation of compatibility is there, true happiness that lasts is easily attainable. My students are now masters themselves, helping me to spread the word, and you should be one of us.

Care to join us? Go to and download your copy of "THE Man's Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage" and get started. Join us on our forum at too, and mix it up with the masters, and a bunch of women who are volunteering to help out. Or stay in your cage. It’s your choice, so make a good one.

In the meantime, live well, be well, and have a wonderful day!
David Cunningham

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