Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Really BIG Announcement! More to Help YOUR Relationship or Marriage

Due to popular demand and the persuasiveness of a couple of really sharp readers, I’m loosening security and adding some services that will benefit a lot more readers, including those just out of a marriage.

I have an announcement to make, one I find rather exciting and many of you will, too. For several years I have kept my telephone number private because of stalkers, people who didn’t respect boundaries, etc., and have conducted telephone counseling by a rather rigid process that ensured that my telephone number wasn’t disclosed.

It has worked well, and a lot of good people have gotten help they needed. But, some of you have convinced me that it’s time to try to loosen things up a bit and be more accessible because sometimes a person just needs to talk to someone immediately and the process of arranging appointments causes windows for action to be missed.

I also realized that I spent nearly four hours answering reader e-mails on Christmas day, and that I spend up to eight hours on average every day doing it. While I like to help people who are having trouble and am exceptionally competent at doing so, it’s reached the point where it is impeding other projects and businesses that also need my attention.

Some of you will be delighted to hear that “these other projects” includes my building desire to respond to men who are still dating or have recently divorced and are in or needing to step back into the dating world for the purpose of finding a serious relationship with a high-quality woman, one with whom they share sufficient compatibility to have a lasting relationship; there are plenty of people addressing the needs of those who are only dating for sex, and I don’t want or need to play in that sandbox. Until now, I have been spending so much time advising men who are still in their marriages that there was just no time left to help those who had moved on, or who were trying to date with a long-range view of a great marriage in mind, and their requests for continuing help after their unsalvageable marriages were dissolved have become too compelling to be denied any longer.

So I’m revamping some things, and what I’m currently considering is offering not only the traditional half-hour and one-hour block of time from which so many have already benefitted, but also virtually unlimited access to me (during waking hours, not just business hours) via my private telephone number for a period of a month, a quarter, or a year for a fixed fee. To address my e-mail overload, I am also considering offering very affordable subscription packages for e-mail support as well; phone packages will include e-mail and text message support.

Since I can’t expect anyone to know that I know what I’m talking about without some exposure, I’m also currently considering answering the first e-mail gratis and allowing subscription after that. Many initial e-mails are just simple questions with brief answers and I don’t want to jack somebody up for a fee or monthly subscription charge for that any more than I want to do another eight-hour run of answering e-mail. E-mails commenting on newsletters, touching base, or asking questions about newsletter content (as opposed to questions about one’s personal situation) will of course be excluded, and as always, answered as quickly as possible.

So here’s your chance to get your two cents’ worth in. If you have any comments or ideas about what I am proposing, other than to tell me that I don’t deserve to get paid for time I spend helping people improve a marriage, end an unsalvageable one with dignity, or improving their life in general, I’d love to hear them.

And for those of you thinking I have a lot of nerve complaining about spending four hours on a family holiday doing unpaid work for anonymous people and expecting to be paid for my help, I suggest you check that attitude, because it is the kind of attitude that will guarantee that you will never be happy, no matter what you do. Successful relationships of any kind, as well as marriage, are based upon trade and sharing, not give-and-take, compromise, or charity, and self-esteem is based on achievement and earning your way in the world, not having everyone around you take care of you and remaining dependent upon alms to survive. Until you grasp that and incorporate it into your values and your life, there's nothing that anyone can do to help you.

In the meantime, live well, be well, and have a wonderful day!
David Cunningham


UtahDude said...

I would be interested in more access for a flat fee. What would be the fee structure?

David Cunningham said...

I'm still working out the fee structure, but it will be finalized within the week. I currently charge $135 per hour, and I'm working on packages that can cut that rate from near half to possibly near a quarter of that price. Stay tuned!