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More About Getting the Right Mix in Relationships and Marriage: Get Your "Guy" On, and Let's Have Some Fun!

Let’s talk some more about “getting the right mix,” with a great example from a TV advertisement…

Today’s lesson was going to be about the proper use of the telephone in “getting the right mix” to build attraction in a woman instead of destroying it, but, I have to tell you about a television commercial that should have a newsletter dedicated to it, and I’m doing that instead for today.

The Stanley Tool Company has a commercial about it’s “Fat Max” retractable tape measures, and it is not only hilarious, it’s a perfect example of guys just being guys and having fun doing it, one of those very necessary components of creating attraction for a woman.

In the commercial, the scene is on the ground at a high-rise building construction site, everybody in hard hats and tool belts, testosterone so thick you could probably drown in it. Two guys face off, extending their tapes out about ten feet in front of them, and one is leaned back on an appliance cart while the other is scooped up in a wheelbarrow, and their coworkers wheel them toward each other at high speed in a joust! You can view it
here if the embedded frame below is not playing for you.

Joust Tournament - Stanley FatMax Xtreme Tape

Stanley’s point is that their wider tape will stand out under more gravity and stress than the other guy’s, but what struck me the most about that commercial was what the guys were doing. They were having fun, just being guys! Being creative, having a friendly competition, taking full advantage of their environment, tools, etc.

Some women might see a thing like that and “get it” and join in the fun, either actively or as cheerleaders, while others think “Oh, how stupid!” BUT, very few of them could resist the urge to want to somehow join in the fun, because they hate being left out of anything, especially something that is obviously creating an emotional rush. Why? Remember that “boredom” thing we’ve been talking about, their worst enemy of all and definitely the archenemy of your relationship? Living vicariously through our emotions is just as good to them as their own, because it ignites their emotions quickly.

So what exactly can we extract from this hilarious TV commercial that will help you in your quest to light a fire under your wife and get her deeply and aggressively involved in having a great relationship with you? I’ll bet it’s more than you think at first glance…

First, take a lesson from the guys about having fun. Don’t apologize for being a man, CELEBRATE IT! And make sure you don’t fall prey to that ancient maneuver where a woman induces you to give up your guy friends, your favorite hobby items (“boy toys”) like hot rods or motorcycles, etc., because she feels as if she’s competing with them.

BOOM! That was the sound of you or a man somewhere close to you reading that paragraph and stepping on a land mine. I did NOT just say that you have license to be financially irresponsible and go out and buy a bunch of “boy toys” you can’t afford, nor did I say that the only reason a woman might ask you to give up something is because she doesn’t like the competition. We have to keep things in balance, remember?

If you still have your “toys,” and they pose no imminent threat to your family, then by all means you should keep them, but if you’re into drag racing, crash your car once a year, and your wife announces she’s pregnant with your first child and it’s time to limit the dangers in your life for the sake of your child’s future, then you need to talk about finding a new outlet for your drag racing passion.

If you already gave up your “toys,” you should bring them back into your life if and as you are able to afford them. Creating a financial strain is bad enough when it’s for survival items, and you may induce her to leave by adding a strain just for toys.

And what about her? Using the pregnancy scenario again, if she suggests selling a hot rod to finance the building of a nursery because money will be too tight if you don’t, then you have to look at that idea with due respect and run some honest and accurate numbers, but if she wants you to sell your hot rod to finance her upgrade from a perfectly good, late model Toyota Camry to a Lexus instead of her getting a job or kicking in something of her own, that’s a trap, and a test, and giving in establishes you as a wuss at best and a jugular vein to hang on and suck dry at worst.

As far as your guy friends, I’m talking about real friends, not just people who hang around because they don’t have anything better to do. If somebody you’re calling a friend has a bad attitude, doesn’t respect himself or you, has substance abuse issues, etc., and your wife suggests to you that you fire him and find a better friend to hang out with, you should take the advice, but if he’s really a friend and a positive influence on your life and she’s just jealous of the time you spend with him and the “guy fun” the two of you have together that in no way has a bona fide negative impact on your family, then you should not give in to pressures to cut him out of your life…

…BUT! Don’t let the time you spend with him leave your wife so terminally bored that she starts creating drama to get your attention or resorts to an affair, either! That’s cutting your nose off to spite your face. Invite her to join in the fun, and tell her about all the cool stuff she’ll be missing out on if she doesn’t join in. Women can’t stand to feel left out of anything if they have even a remote chance of facing boredom. Again, they can live vicariously through us and get juiced up on our emotional energy because they have incredible capacity for exploring emotions and using that exploration to invoke their own emotions. But beware…

If you’re going to promise her fun, you have to make good. If you’re promising fun at some gathering where the lot of you is going to sit around stony-faced watching a TV tube, that’s not going to cut it. “Fun” for her is going to have to be something with visible excitement, laughter, and emotional energy, such as yelling and cheering. It also helps if it’s something you can coax her into trying after you get her there. The more involved she is, the less likely she can be bored and the more likely she’ll be glad she’s with you.

You can draw all that, and more that I can’t get into today, from a simple 15-second TV commercial. Good lessons and examples are where you find them. However, as you can see, tuning the mixture and getting everything “dialed in” (I’m not a NASCAR fan, but the National Hot Rod Association and I go WAY back!), can be a little complicated, unless…

…you’re tuned in! You need to know how to listen to and read a woman to find your way through this jungle and make these decisions. You need to know which issues are legitimate in your specific circumstances and which ones are tests to check your manhood or ploys to rob you of it.

That’s where a lot of my fellow gurus fall short. They give you great information about the creation of attraction, which when you’re dating and trying to get into a relationship is indeed your primary concern, but they don’t give you what you need with regard to evaluating the relationship or communicating with a woman accurately to make sure you can maintain and escalate the relationship in a pattern of sustainable growth that will make it work for a lifetime.

(A notable exception is Shelley McMurtry, who does get into more than attraction, and while she currently is not married or in a long-term relationship, she does try to keep men focused on more than just getting to their next date or sexual encounter. She is linked elsewhere on this page and I strongly recommend that you at least sign up for her newsletter because she is very emotionally aware and good at describing female issues and emotions to men without getting lost in the drama as some do.)

A man can walk through a mine field with a smile on his face if he knows where the mines are; otherwise, you pick your way through, step on one, and pay the price for a long time, if not for the rest of your life. If you’re in a relationship, you are in the mine field. It’s just that simple. What you need is the map!

Your map to a great relationship is in "THE Man’s Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage," which you can download at with just a few mouse clicks. Get yours right now, and put it to work. Make your life fun again, and put an end to your daily routine of walking around on eggshells because you know the mines are there but don’t know where they are.

In the meantime, live well, be well, and have a wonderful day!
David Cunningham

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