Thursday, February 12, 2009

Listen As a Woman Tells You EXACTLY What ALL Women Want in Their Relationship and Marriage

A major success story from a couple who went from dreadfully boring to acting like a couple of teenagers in the throes of honeymoon passion!

I hope you're having as great a day as I am! Yeah, I say something like that nearly every day, and every day really is that great, especially when I start going through the mail and find success stories. It’s true that I make part of my living from the sales of this book and others, and I’ll not insult your intelligence by saying I don’t enjoy the money, but when people take the time to write to tell me that something I spent a good chunk of my life creating has made a positive change in their life, that really hits home.

The sales tell me I’m successful selling the book, but the success stories tell me I’ve been successful in WRITING the book, because people are using it to create a better life for themselves. I don’t reprint as many of these reader letters as some authors do, because they can be both long and boring if you read too many of them, but this one really hit home.

By the way, I had to omit a few details from the original because they were a little too spicy. I’m dead-against censorship, but I don’t know whose kids might be looking over their shoulder as they read this, and I don’t want any reader having to answer embarrassing questions from their kids. Parents hate that… ;)

Here’s her letter, and I’ve enclosed edits in square brackets. Meet Amy:

Dear David,

I would like to make a strong plea to all men to read your book. Even if you think there is nothing wrong with your relationship reading this book can make for the relationship that everyone only prays to have as an adult. I am no longer just living with the father of my kids, I am with a man that women would kill to be with and I would kill to keep.

He used to just ask me what was for dinner, now he is in the kitchen cooking with me when we are not taking breaks to make out like we were teenagers. We no longer just have sex or spend time together. We are finally after 10 years a real couple and we can not get enough of each other.

Sex is not all there is to a relationship, but I would like to say that more women than you think want sex just as much as men do. The thing is most men do not know how to pick up on our body language and how to interpret the signals we are giving off. Yes, I admit it would be better to be blunt and just tell the guy what we want, but we all know women are not like that and that is not likely to happen any time soon. When Bill started picking up on mine and we started understanding each other better, we just started getting closer, then hotter as he started noticing the things he did that set me off and the other things he did that get me off.

Bill and I now find ourselves in all kinds of places doing all kinds of things. For example, we were out having dinner the other night and started playing around under the table. A couple of minutes past and he told me he was going to the restroom and to follow him shortly. I was more excited then I had ever been with this man. When I walked back to area of the restrooms he grabbed me into the Men's room and we kissed me so deeply I was dizzy. Before I thought about it I was on my knees giving him the kind of [naughty attention] that makes a man loose feeling in his legs. This is only one of the things we do now, anytime we are together we are turned on and there is not a place we go now that the only people we notice is each other.

So for all the men who think that woman are complicated and not worth the trouble think again. When a woman is really deeply attracted to her man nothing comes between them, not even in a public place. Trust me, I know what I am talking about and anyone will once they read your book and put it into action. I only wish your book had been around years ago and it would be a bargin at twice the price.

I have a new man and I am a new woman thanks to you!!

Amy T.

Wow! Congratulations, Amy and Bill, for taking charge and making your life all you want it to be!

Judging from the spelling and grammatical errors and the way they multiplied as the letter progressed, Amy was getting so aroused she was losing focus just telling her story. Guys, There’s not much I can say here that Amy hasn’t already said, except that she bought this book for her husband a few months back, and if you look at what she’s saying, and how excited she got as she said it, I think you can expect, among other things, that she’s going to pounce on Bill when he gets home, because women thrive on anticipation.

Seriously, they love it!

Most of us, when we get turned on, pretty well stay that way until we get satisfied, and we don’t want that satisfaction to be too long in coming, either. But with women, they can put it on the back burner when they have to, but it creeps up on them later, and they savor that anticipation for a bit, and then let it cook in the back of their mind for awhile longer while they do other things, and it creeps back out all over again, creating this series of spicy little surprises throughout the day as they see or hear things that remind them of it and bring their fantasies back to the foreground to be savored again. By the end of the day, when she and her man get back together, she’s ready to explode, as long as he doesn’t hit the door acting like a whining wimp or a drunken abuser and spoil it for her.

Here are your lessons for today:

1. This stuff really works! (Gee, you’d never guess that one was coming, would you?)

2. Ladies want to be attracted to their men to the extent of doing things to help them become attractive, like buying this book and helping them get through it. Is yours trying to tell you something? Can you read signals, body language, and her spoken language full of unspoken wishes well enough to know if she were?

3. They know they use lots of non-verbal communication and appreciate it when you pick up on it – and you can pick up on a lot of it if you read any good book on the subject, mine included (so buy it already!)

4. They get excited when they talk about things that have excited them in the past, and they love anticipation of future delights, so the morning after something hot, even if it happened in the morning, before either or both of you leave for the day, make some sexy, pleasurable, and naughty comment(s) about it and promise her that if she’s a good girl, she might get to enjoy a surprise or two when you meet later. Give her a soft, sexy brush on the lips with yours and a gentle stroke somewhere erotic with your hand, forearm, or fingertips, or gently spin her around and do the same to the back of her neck, and then step away and walk off, letting her imagination run wild for the day (don’t spoil the surprise by telling her exactly what you’re going to do, and if she asks, tell her she’ll have to be there later to find out. I’ll spell it for you: A-N-T-I-C-I------------------P-A-T-I-O-N! (a la Tim Curry as “Frankenfurter” in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show!)

Ladies and gentlemen, you can be writing a letter like this one to me in a few days or weeks. I’ll tell you what, I won’t even call attention to your spelling and grammar if you do. Go to, download your copy of "THE Man’s Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage" (and get a free copy of my “What Women REALLY Want” and “Break-Up Busting 101” reports when you do!), get with the program, and make your life all it can be, because life is too short to accept anything less, right?

In the meantime, live well, be well, and have a wonderful day!

David Cunningham

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