Saturday, February 23, 2008

Do Kids Know More Than You About Attraction? Or Maybe Just Less About Inhibition...

Did you ever notice a couple of teens getting hot and heavy in a public place? Ever wish you could go back to those days? You can, if you’ll just let yourself…

Those of you who have read “THE Man’s Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage” understand how and why a small boy knows more about attracting a female than most adult males seem to. Have you ever wondered what else you might learn from children about how to be an adult? Ask Dawn:

Dear David,

I am not altogether sure how to word this so it does not sound like I have been spying on my daughter. The truth is at 16 I do watch her close probably a lot more then most parents.

There is one major thing that I have noticed about her and her new boyfriend is how they look and talk to each other. At such a young age they seem to understand many of the things you talk about better then most men who have many more years on them. Its just seems so open and honest and that the attraction between the two of them is not only red hot but that it is what as an adult I want in a man.

How can it be they know at their tender age so much about attraction and all the older men I know seem to know nothing?


My reply:

Well Dawn, it’s not what they know, it’s what they don’t know. In fact, it’s what they’ve not yet learned: inhibition! Their hormones are raging and their youth and inexperience is making the exploration of themselves and each other exciting, so once they get past the awkwardness of the invitation to the first date and get into each other, they could care less about whether they’ve gained a couple of pounds, they have a little razor stubble, whether the kids might walk through the bedroom door and catch them, what might be going on at work next week, what that noise downstairs might have been, or any of the other things that men and women allow to interfere with their “quality time.”

They just let go, and do what comes natural. When was the last time that you tried it? You say you want that kind of heat and passion, but who’s keeping you from having it, other than yourself? Don’t worry about two pounds you gained during the holidays; when the lights are out or his eyes are closed, he’ll never be able to tell the difference, except you might feel just a little better pulled up close to him.

I’d just as quickly chastise the men for letting things interfere with passion in this manner. Lock the damned bedroom door, for crying out loud! Worry about what’s going on at work next week when next week gets here, or while you’re at work tomorrow morning. Unless that noise downstairs is followed by a scream, a barking animal, an alarm bell, a crash or explosion, or the sound of an adult voice cursing, it can wait until after you and your partner have enjoyed each other.

There is no aphrodisiac in the world that will guarantee good sex tonight or tomorrow night (or in the morning!) like good sex last night! Don’t let the world put a damper on your sex life. Get yourself up to Alpha Male standards, fire that woman up, and get into her and let her get into you like you did when you were teenagers. If you need a little help turning the clock back, go to a drive-in instead of renting a DVD, or get a room in a cheap hotel, not the kind you would rent today, but the kind you rented when you were a teenager and weren’t supposed to be renting a room! Add that seedy, naughty flavor to the mix, and play up the mischief, nostalgia, and “getting away with something” angles. Have fun with it – and each other!

Take care, and keep in touch,
David Cunningham

Gentlemen, everywhere you look is something that can help you to revive and enhance your relationship if you know what to look for. Knowing what to look for comes from having that romantic, can-do hero’s attitude and knowing what women want. You don’t have to be young, rich, powerful, or drive a fancy car to get your wife’s attention; you just have to be a man, a REAL man, the man she went crazy over and married. If you want to keep her attention, you keep her guessing, not at whether you’ll be around tomorrow, or have a job next week, but at what kind of excitement you’re going to create for her today. Will it be walking into a room like you own it, telling a grand tale, or whisking her off to some fun place or activity? The choice is yours, and she expects you to make it.

Women have affairs because they are bored, not because they don’t love their husbands anymore; lost love comes well after lost attraction, if it comes at all. All you need to become a master of attraction and supreme boredom-fighter, the confident ultimate male who knows what women, especially his partner, want is contained in “THE Man’s Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage,” and you procrastinate at reading and using it at your own peril. Get ahead of the curve and stay there by going to and downloading your copy right now, and bring back that passion, intimacy, and honeymoon, because life’s too short to spend it playing catch-up.

In the meantime, live well, be well, and have a wonderful day!
David Cunningham

Women's Comments on "Don Juan DeMarco" That Tell You EXACTLY What They Want in Relationships and Marriage

Women respond to my advice for you to watch the movie, “Don Juan DeMarco,” in my St. Valentine’s Day edition, and you should hear – and learn from -- what they have to say!

I received a bunch of comments about the movie, “Don Juan DeMarco,” that I mentioned in
my St. Valentine’s Day edition, which you can read in the archive if you missed it. Some of the guys were saying they really didn’t get it, others complaining that it was a lame movie (it was a chick-flick, and guys, if you want to learn about women, chick-flicks can be a great source of good info), and others saying, “Amen, brother!” because they did as I asked and studied the characters and how they interacted instead of watching for breasts, butts, gunfire, explosions, comedy, loud music and special effects, which is what most guys look for in a movie. However…

What really got my attention were the responses sent in by the women. There was a common thread, and let’s see if you can pick it out. First, meet Tammi:

Dear David,

Whenever my daughter and I have extra time together we like to watch movies together. She is now 16 I find it funny to see how she reacts to some of them. At your suggestion, last night we sat down with our large bowl of popcorn and turned on Don Juan Demarco. Within the first 10 minutes of the movie I was ready to find that man and have my turn with him! As we watched I found myself placing myself in the position of the actress he was with. I have always loved Johnny Depp and that was the original reason I wanted to watch this movie, but as the movie went on I did not even notice him in the movie. All I could think about was how I wish that Don Juan was the man I would be spending the night with.

I also noticed something else going on with my daughter. She had noticed as much of the sexiness of the movie as I did and even at the age of 16 was responding as much as dear old mom, especially to that early scene where he’s holding the woman’s hand in the restaurant and caressing and kissing her fingers and her knuckles are white as she grips the table cloth trying to keep from jumping his bones right there in the restaurant.

If your male readers will watch this movie and to pay close attention they to can have their woman sticking to their seats and just by the soft caresses or the soft kissing of the hand have then upstairs in no time having the time of their lives with their wives or girlfriends.


And now, meet Joannne:

Hi David!

GAWD, I hate you! I’m going to be stuck to my couch for the next week after watching that “Don Juan DeMarco” movie you suggested. That first scene was SOOO HOT! I don’t really hate you, but I really didn’t realize what I’ve been missing in a man, and you’ve opened my eyes. I’d give anything to have a man so able to look at life and see the best that could be found like he did. It would be such a joy after living with all the bitching and moaning I live with now. I never really cared for Johnny Depp, but watching him play that character has given me a whole new appreciation for him and for men in general. If a man on the TV screen can make me feel like that, I long to think what a real man can make me feel. Can your book make my husband like this? If so, I want a hundred copies! I still get wet when I think about him kissing her fingers. Damn you! LOL! Just kidding!

Thanks so much for the dream,

And this is Devonia:

Dear David:

How did you know something like that could turn me on so much? Was your wife watching the movie with you when you watched it or something? I got so wet watching that scene where Johnny Depp was playing with that woman’s fingers in the restaurant I would have stuck to the chair I was sitting in if it were leather. As it was I left a wet spot on the upholstery. When they showed her white knuckled from grabbing the table cloth I laughed because my knuckles were white were I was gripping the arms of the chair. I’m going to make my husband watch it with me tonight. He’ll see how it affects me and either be really smart and get a clue or be really stupid and ridicule me for getting excited over something on TV, in which case I may just have to start looking for someone who’s a little more attentive, if you know what I mean. In any case, thanks for the thrill!


Did you spot the common thread? These women literally got wet watching another man seduce another woman on television! No matter what you may think, women want to be seduced. They want romance. They will live vicariously through others to get it, even on TV, but sooner or later, they want the real thing. They want to enjoy their life, and if they’ve chosen to enter into a committed relationship, they want to enjoy it with him. They want him to take charge and make things happen, to look around and see the good things in the world, especially in them.

If you’ve still not seen this movie, you’re cheating yourself and your partner. Indeed, watch it with her, and when you see her gripping the arm of the couch a little too firmly as he kisses her hand, take her hand and lead her to your bed, or just start something right there on the couch by kissing her fingers and such, then go back and watch the rest of the movie afterward, “snuggled up in the divine afterglow of the pinnacle of passion,” as DeMarco might say… or don't, and don't be surprised when your wife "starts looking for someone a little more attentive," as Devonia says.

For those of you who still don’t get it, women read romance novels and watch romance movies to get themselves amped up for YOU, especially when you’re not doing a good job of creating attraction and romance and getting them into the kind of mood where they want to seduce you. If you see your wife reading a romance novel in your bed, don’t be an idiot and bitch about the light keeping you awake. Watch for signs of excitement, like darting eyes and elevated breathing, then gently take the book from her and start making magic!

Guys, this is one small example of the tremendous insight and advice that you will find in “THE Man’s Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage,” not just my own, but also that of hundreds of couples who helped research and test the contents of the book both before and after its writing. Every man alive should read this book if he ever wants to be happy in a long-term relationship with a woman, because no matter how much you think you know, there’s always something valuable that can be learned from the experience of others that can be used to make your life together even better.

Face it, if you already knew everything you wanted and needed to know about getting along and getting it on with women, you’d be writing this newsletter, not reading it, so go for the gusto and become an expert! Go to and download your copy right now, because life is just too short to spend it doing anything less than enjoying it, especially if you have a woman in your life!

In the meantime, live well, be well, and have a wonderful day!
David Cunningham

Friday, February 22, 2008

Is the Alpha Male Always Right? Leadership and Cooperation in Relationships and Marriage

Alpha males make decisions and take the lead, and women love them for it if they do it the right way!

I’ve had a few letters recently from some women, some on my mailing list, some whose partners are on the list and share their newsletter, who say that their man just isn’t getting this Alpha Male concept. The percentage of readers is very small, but this is a critical point, and I’m going to guess that there may be others who haven’t written to me about it because some people just will not write no matter what incentive one provides, so let’s straighten this out, once and for all.

Women love and respond to the Alpha Male personality, even when they’d rather not. It’s a biologically triggered response to the primal image of a good leader, protector, provider, father, etc., in short, an achiever. It doesn’t matter whether or not a woman actually needs any of these things, they are “biologically wired” to respond to this personality when they see it, period. Just ask them! It’s a HUGE factor in the success of a heterosexual relationship.

Being the Alpha Male means that you have the responsibility and ability to make decisions, not that you are somehow empowered to make all the decisions without anyone else’s – especially your partner’s – input, and then force them on everybody else, unless of course you are in some sort of military or paramilitary service and in the line of fire at the moment. The thought that should NEVER cross your mind is “I’m going to make all the decisions without a word from you because I’m the man and you’re just a woman so I know best.” That’s control, not leadership.

If such words don’t get you an iron skillet bashed upside your head, you’ve got a particularly damaged or intimidated partner. It may not be a skillet, but the punishment options are many, and severe, to include:

-- Beating, maiming (a la Lorena Bobbitt!), and even killing you in your sleep (yes, you have to sleep some time, don’t you?)

-- Sleeping with one of your siblings, your best friend, or that obnoxious jackass you despise at work

-- Padding all household expenditures and hiding the money away for divorce while telling you that inflation is eating your paycheck faster and faster and passing information about your personal life on to people in your office, undermining you there

-- Becoming suddenly quite helpless and needy to show you what it can be like if she really doesn’t participate (passive aggression is a real pain)

-- Giving you enough rope to hang yourself

There’s plenty more, but you get the picture, or at least you better. Women may be physically weaker on average than men, but don’t ever be deceived into thinking they are defenseless, or dunces. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, embarrassed, ridiculed, cuckold, or just generally pissed off, for that matter. They’re inclined to make decisions, including those regarding why and how you should be punished, based on emotions, not logic, remember?

Now, let’s get back on track. We’ve covered what to avoid and why, so what is it you are supposed to do with regard to decision-making as an attractive, desirable Alpha Male? You take the lead in the discussions, and you invite input without asking for permission. She’s your partner, not your servant (or as our British cousins used to call them, “dogsbody,” like Baldrick on the old “Black Adder” comedy series – my favorite, by the way!), your child, or any other subservient peon.

Women don’t want to take the lead in decision-making most of the time, partially because it’s usually more stressful for them (due to their more social nature) and they like seeing us standing tall and taking the lead doing things; it's literally a turn-on if done correctly! They do, however, want a fair hearing, and when a decision is made they need to feel like their input has been considered and somehow involved in the decision, also part of that social nature. (Those of you who have been with me for awhile or have read “THE Man’s Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage” know that every situation with a woman is a negotiation, and must be handled as such – see the book for details!)

That in turn does not mean that you should compromise a good decision to try to make them feel good about something. That’s wuss behavior, is very likely to be tested for, and if you fail the test you’re a spineless wussy – a.k.a. “toast”. It means that if the two of you disagree, you proceed logically and together to find the discrepancy or contradiction in someone’s thinking, finally agree that you have good information and are looking at the best alternative, and then you make it official by “deciding” to move forward with the best option.

This must be done objectively, looking only for WHAT is right, not WHO is right. Resolution, not revenge. Cooperation, not competition. That kind of competition between partners is the kiss of death, and a sure-fire sign of self-esteem problems and ego hang-ups that can kill not only attraction, but the relationship if not resolved. You are partners. It’s the two of you (and your kids if you have any) against the world. Act appropriately. When you have different ideas of how things work or what should be done, detach yourselves from the “who” issue and look for the facts. Try to prove each point either true or false, without care for which way it goes, as long as in the end, what you are left with is right and best. Then just do it.

This is what attractive, Alpha Male behavior looks like. If you want to make it particularly sexy, after the ideas are on the table have some fun with exploring the options and negotiating the solutions. Pick and verbally spar a little bit. Allow a little bit of EXTRA FRIENDLY competition, always keeping in mind that you’re on the same team. Jump back and forth from naughty and fun to serious and strong, always being careful to not give the impression that you are making light of her ability to contribute.

Being the Alpha Male is about being a real man, not about being a bully or a know-it-all. It’s about leading, not dominating. It’s about being assertive, not mean, aggressive, controlling, manipulative, etc. It’s about being playful at times, when a tension-breaker is needed, not ridiculing your partner and having a laugh entirely at her expense. Brutally aggressive and vicious behavior fits the alpha personalities of four-legged predators, but humans are above that. We can reason and choose according to reason instead of instinctively moving to kill anything that challenges us. Think, as your birthright entitles you and your life requires of you, and you will succeed.

There’s a ton of details on how to be an attractive Alpha Male in my book, “THE Man’s Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage.” You need to do it, she certainly wants and needs you to do it, so do it! And get it done! It really doesn’t matter if your middle-aged or even beyond, overweight, losing your gray hair, etc. It’s about the personality for all but the most incredibly shallow of women. If you have any doubts at all, take a look at me! Download your copy right now at, because women respond to the alpha male by being happy and making you happy, and life is too short to spend it any other way but happy.

In the meantime, live well, be well, and have a wonderful day!
David Cunningham

Thursday, February 21, 2008

What Did Buddha Know About Great Relationships and Marriage? Plenty!

I’m not a Buddhist, and I was surprised at how relevant this advice was. Indeed, you may be as surprised as I was!

I subscribe to a lot of newsletters, newsfeeds, advisories, etc., in a lot of different fields to stay on top of various things that are happening in my life. One of them is Michael Masterson’s “Early to Rise” (, which is a free daily with health, wealth, and wisdom tips, a word-of-the-day bit, and a few other interesting things.

I know Michael from years gone by when I was studying copywriting; he runs the American Writers and Artists Institute, and is pretty much a “brainiac” who is an expert marketer, has done very well for himself investing, has a lot of very good contacts in healthcare education (he’s also behind the Health Sciences Institute), and probably a lot that I don’t know about these days. This is not a paid or affiliate recommendation; his stuff is simply good enough for me to find useful information in and I’m sure you will too.

The main reason I mention it is in a recent edition, one of his associates, Robert Ringer, wrote a piece on Buddha’s quote, “All unhappiness is caused by attachment,” and it struck a chord, rung a bell, or however you want to say that it got my attention, because that is more true of relationships than anything else.

People get attached to habits, ideas, people, places, jobs, possessions, etc., and they make bad decisions out of fear of losing those things, instead of good decisions about advancing their life. I’ve addressed that in other newsletters and in “THE Man’s Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage,” and will be addressing it frequently in the future, because it is so very important in keeping things in perspective. Let’s look at just how those five things I just listed could literally destroy you or your relationship:
Habits. Let’s say you and your wife smoke at the time you get together, and something causes her to quit, maybe a case of pneumonia or flu, adult-onset of asthma, a close call with lung cancer, or whatever, and she gives up the habit and you can’t, or won’t. What if you and your wife enjoyed clubbing before she became pregnant, and you insist on continuing to go several nights a week without her when she cannot go, and she takes exception to you being out drinking and dancing with other women in a place that is pretty much designed for singles to “hook up” in? Or maybe some dangerous hobby that you indulge in every week, that you should consider giving up now that you have children to support?

Ideas. Somebody tells you they think your wife might be cheating, because they saw her somewhere talking to a guy; she tells you it’s her brother, or a coworker, or somebody harmless, but your insecurity keeps you from letting it go and the idea continues to escalate even though there is no evidence. Or you have an idea for a business or product that you think the world will beat a path to your door to buy, and you continuously keep sinking more and more money into it, in spite of marketing data and other real-world facts saying that it was a bad idea, because you think you know more than the world does about what it wants? Henry Ford almost bankrupted the Ford Motor Company doing that…

People. Do we even need to go here? Ex-girlfriends or ex-wives that you continue to be involved with in spite of the objections of your current partner? So-called “friends” who trash every good idea you come up with because they can never come up with a good one and want you to be as miserable as they are? An employee who is bankrupting you with their incompetence but you don’t want to fire them because you’re concerned about the rest of their family? And biggest of all, a current partner who has declared it’s over and followed up by doing all the things that tell you that it’s not just a wake-up call and is definitely an unsalvageable situation?

Places. The house that you don’t want to move out of because of fond memories that keeps you from advancing your career because of the geographical constraints? The town you don’t want to leave because some ex-partner or friend lives there, in spite of the fact that your partner is going to leave town without you if you don’t go, or your career will dead-end?

Jobs. Don’t get me started! The job that you hate to get out of bed every morning to face but won’t leave because you’re afraid to look for another, or have yourself so over-extended that you can’t afford to leave it, even if the stress ends up killing you or ruining your marriage and alienating your children?

Possessions. Shall we start with the car, boat, or airplane that you can’t afford the payments on but would rather go bankrupt than to admit that you had overspent? What about the clutter of all those hobbies a person can start but never see through, and refuses to get rid of the trappings and clutter from those hobbies because they’re going to get back into it “one of these days…” Or my favorite, the stocks, real estate, collectibles, etc., that people get stuck with and take a bath on by holding onto them believing that they will forever continue to appreciate in value? Dot-com stock, anyone?

You’re quite right in observing that many of the things I listed don’t necessarily have a direct bearing on your relationship with your partner, but indirect relationships can be more than powerful enough to destroy it. Anything negative that is happening in your life stresses you out, makes you edgy, and possibly insecure, and those things do impact your relationship, often hard, and all too often fatally.

Another thing that caught my attention in that article was something that the writer has taken from something written by the Dalai Lama (the Buddhist leader, for those of you who are unfamiliar) about the dividing line between consciousness and unconsciousness being the interest in the alleviation of suffering and the quest for happiness. He supported this by quoting the four “Noble Truths” that Buddha taught in his first sermon:

Noble Truth No. 1: There is suffering.
Noble Truth No. 2: Suffering has an origin.
Noble Truth No. 3: The cessation of suffering is possible.
Noble Truth No. 4: There is a path to the cessation of suffering.

I’m not a Buddhist; my interest here is philosophical and logical, not religious. These four truths are indeed axiomatic, so profoundly factual as to be self-evident. There is suffering everywhere you look, and there is always a cause for it. A remedy for suffering can always be found and end it, even if that remedy is death (there are some political and religious leaders who take strong objection to this statement, because they want you to believe that your purpose for being here is to suffer). And last, due to the law of cause and effect, if suffering can be caused, so can its remedy. What does this mean for you and your relationship?

There are questions you can ask yourself to help you find that path to the cessation of suffering. Among those questions are “What did I do or fail to do to cause this?” and “What can I do or refrain from doing to fix this?” These are the questions a man will ask, a leader will ask, not a wuss who’s looking to blame everyone and everything else for his troubles. Asking these questions and formulating a factual answer is one of the most basic skills that distinguishes the alpha male from all others. He takes responsibility for his situation and takes charge of improving it. Women love that, and they’ll tell you so. Just ask them.

What you will also find axiomatic is that your path will never be found in the answer to questions like, “Who did this to me?” or “Why did somebody have to do this to me?” or even “What can I get somebody to do to get me out of this mess?” You get out of problems by identifying them, figuring out how they came to be a problem, and figuring out what you can do (or refrain from doing) that will fix the problem, and then following through. Period.

The more you can let go of ego, blame, insecurity, dependence, fear, anger, etc., and take responsibility for yourself, your actions, and your situation, the more objective and truly “enlightened” you will become. The Buddhists aren’t the only ones for whom “enlightenment” equates to happiness…

If you are having problems in your relationship, your “path to enlightenment” can very likely be found in “THE Man’s Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage.” It contains the wisdom and experience of hundreds of people who have had relationship problems and overcome them, and then turned solid relationships into truly great relationships by getting tuned in and turned on to each other. (No, Baby Boomers, you DO NOT drop out – Timothy Leary was a long way from being “enlightened” or happy).

Seriously, it will help you figure out where you are, what got you there, where you need to go, and will give you the tools to lead a happy life whether it’s with your current partner, if she’s the right one, or another if she’s not – sometimes mismatched partners are one of those things you have to detach from to put your life back on track. Go to and download your copy right now, and get started down your own path to happiness, because life is too short to spend it wandering down any other path.

In the meantime, live well, be well, and have a wonderful day!
David Cunningham

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What Is Your Body Language Saying About You, Especially to Your Partner in a Relationship or Marriage?

Experts say over 90% of all communication is non-verbal, much of that through body language. Women are generally far better at reading body language than men; what is your body language saying to her, especially about you?

I was watching the news once and a politician was talking about how a new project was going to do so much for the area’s economy, and his body language said he was lying his ever-loving ass off! His eye-blink rate changed radically when he talked about benefits to local taxpayers and local businesses, and kept touching his nose and blinking even faster as he talked about how critical the project was and how everyone would see its worth in the very near term.

He also looked away from the interviewer when this aberrant behavior started, kept shifting his body posture into a guarding position or a selling position, etc. He’s new, and apparently he can’t yet afford the really good handlers that train politicians to lie with a straight face and keep their body language from giving away their unspoken thoughts.

No matter what is coming out of your mouth, your body language tells what’s on your mind. What is your body language saying about you, especially to the woman in your life? I’ll guarantee you that if you’re feeling bad about yourself, it’s telling the tale without you saying a word, and even if you and your guy friends don’t pick up on it, the women around you, including and especially the one you love, certainly will, even if only subconsciously (they’re wired for it, but we’re not). It can be an attraction maker or an attraction breaker, and you need to choose carefully…

For instance, if you’ve been having a hard time at work and are letting it get to you, there’s a good chance that you are no longer standing straight and tall. Your shoulders are slumping and you’re looking at your feet as you walk, among other things. How does the woman you love react to this? (Or the people around you?)

From an attraction stand-point, she will react badly. There’s no other way to describe it. Even if she kicks into nurturing mode to try to be supportive, nurturing mode can easily and quickly evolve into a mothering mode, especially if you’re not acting strong and decisive, and that kills attraction, for a number of reasons.

It puts you in an inferior position, it changes the framing of the relationship from you being the alpha male to being a child not feeling well, etc. If it persists a bit, which it can, as depression sets in and moping around becomes a comfortable habit, she becomes even more the mother as she gets bored with your bad attitude and either gets depressed herself or starts looking elsewhere.

Or even worse, she can become ticked off about it, and assume a leadership role, wherein she is defining authority for you and exercising it over you, which is the end of attraction until you have straightened up and resumed the leadership role with gusto and held it until she’s comfortable that you’re willing to keep it by virtue of putting you through numerous annoying tests. That’s a pretty crappy outcome, wouldn’t you say?

Want to peg the “crappy-o-meter”? How about if your depression is brought about by your perception that she is no longer as attracted to you as she once was, and as you get more depressed, you get less and less attractive -- spiraling downward, swirling the drain, or however you want to put it, locked into a self-amplifying feedback loop that kills not only attraction, but your relationship. Is that crappy enough to make you want to do something positive? I hope so. Once again, think with me here for a minute or two:

There are things that you do when you’re happy, sad, excited, bored, strong, scared, please, ticked off, truthful, lying, and everything else that you feel, and the chances are very high that you are unaware while she is totally aware of them, even if it’s only subconsciously, and reacting to them. You need to be aware of these things, and watch for them. Why?

First, because she is, and you need to know what you are telling her. Second, and more useful to you, is that you can watch your own body language for clues to your own emotional well-being. If you catch yourself slumping or looking at your shoes as you walk, that’s a strong signal that you need a reality check – there’s a problem somewhere that you need to be addressing, because you’re body language has already alerted her to the fact that there’s a problem, so the clock is running. She needs to see you taking action or you suddenly become a slacker who can’t keep himself on track or a wuss who won’t. How attractive does that sound?

At this point, we must discuss the “faking it” element. I don’t recommend faking anything, at any time, for any reason, because it’s just too easy to trip up, especially when she’s balancing less than 10% of your communication, the verbal part that you deliberately say, against the 90%+ that you involuntarily say through non-verbal means, as well as checking the body language to make sure it’s consistent. Any inconsistency brings about testing, and the testing escalates until she either sees her suspicion confirmed or sees a behavioral change that removes the suspicion completely. You know how we men hate testing…right? So don’t do that to yourself.

Besides, with a lot of women, it doesn’t take but one lie to start an onslaught of testing and punishment that will end up driving you away, and their take on the outcome will be that you were worthless and left, and you’ll have to be punished for that, too, won’t you? Honesty, while sometimes tempered with a touch of diplomacy, is always the best policy.

The flip side? If you’re walking tall, eyes forward, and acting like you own the world and can handle everything that happens in it, you’re too sexy for your shirt. If your body language is confirming what you are verbally telling her, it builds trust quickly and firmly. If your body language is saying you’re all that while you’re not saying a word, you’re exactly where you should be. I don’t know about you, but I’ll definitely have some of that!!!

If you don’t feel that good about yourself, it’s time for a change, Brother, because as a human being, you can make it happen, and such feelings are your birthright once you do. There’s everything you need to know to live a life that makes you walk tall and be the attractive “alpha male” in “THE Man’s Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage.” If you’re a really tough case, I’ve been doing consulting and personal coaching for years, and the only people I’ve seen fail to take their life back and make it everything they want it to be are those who didn’t know what they wanted, so we can make arrangements for that, too.

So download your copy at and get started immediately, call or write me if you have to, but get on the stick and get it done, because life is too short to spend it depressed, alone (especially alone in a crowd), and celibate, and the choice is in your hands. Choose wisely…

In the meantime, live well, be well, and have a wonderful day!
David Cunningham

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sex for Pity's Sake, the Kiss of Death to a Relationship or Marriage

Do women find tactics like guilt and pity attractive? Not just no, but hell no! Tune in, and see just how needy, pathetic, and downright disgusting this comes across…

Prepare yourself for one of the most disgusting tales of male wussitude I’ve ever heard. Friends, meet Daphne:

Dear David,

I thought I had experienced every form of male wussiness on the planet until last night, when my husband reached a new, utterly disgusting low. I’ve been trying to get him to read your book for over a month now, and he gets mad and refuses every time I bring it up, but he has no clue!

My mother-in-law has been in the hospital in critical condition for a few days, and he’s been either stumbling around the house like a zombie or yelling and screaming and throwing things at me and the kids ever since she went in. Last night, after several days of walking on eggshells and wondering if in the next moment he was going to kill himself or me and the kids, he crawls into bed with me (we haven’t shared a bed in over a year), grabs me, and informs me that any good wife would show him sympathy and caring by having sex with him. I nearly puked.

There is nothing in this world that a man can do that is any more disgusting in a woman’s eyes, especially mine, than to beg for sex, and to do so by trying to invoke pity and guilt for what’s going on in his life, especially something like his mother being in the hospital (how many sexy thoughts can that possibly cause???), is literally sickening. I jumped out of bed, and told him that if he were a real man, he wouldn’t be trying to make me feel sorry for him, he’d be making me so excited that I had to have him.

Men, wake up. We will seduce you to make you feel better if we see you feeling bad and are already feeling attraction, and we may even do so in the rare instance that we find ourselves feeling sorry for you, such as if we find out you’re a virgin at thirty years old, but there is nothing that you can deliberately do to make us feel sorry for you or guilty about not wanting you that will excite us and make us feel the attraction that makes us want sex with you. It’s just that simple. Be a man, or be somewhere else.

David, I loved your book, and if I don’t get this man to read it soon, I’m outta here. Cross your fingers.

Daphne S.

Well guys, what can I say? Daphne has pretty well nailed the whole issue down in a few short paragraphs. Women don’t find any kind of coercion, be it bullying on the strong side or guilt-tripping and pity-mongering on the wussy side, attractive, or really anything short of repulsive. All of the above are strong signs of weakness (yes, bullying, while dominant and abusive, is a sign of weakness, not strength), and chicks don’t dig that – really!

(Indeed, in the months since this letter was first written, Daphne has in fact left this pathetic loser and moved on to a really great guy. DO NOT EVER THINK that a woman won’t or can’t leave a bad relationship. Even if they seem to think they can’t, or if you threaten their life, there comes a point where they feel that either they have to leave or somebody has to die, and they will act on those feelings, so take this seriously!)

Chicks dig real men, alpha males, who know what they want, and walk through the world earning it, knowing that they deserve it, and holding their head high as they do so, eyes fixed on either their next achievement or their partner’s sexy self. Good things come their way because they’re worthy of good things, not because they can coerce or con people into providing them.

Gentlemen, we’ve been trying for centuries to figure out what makes women tick, and except for a few of us, we’ve failed miserably. That’s it, that’s reality, accept it, and get over it. Fortunately, they’ve now begun telling us not only what makes them tick, but what they want, from life, and from us, and much of it is in “THE Man’s Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage.” No book will ever contain everything there is to know about each woman alive, but this one does contain everything that a large group of them has said that we need to know about them, and it’s in “guy language,” not “girly-speak,” so you can understand it – no signals, no hints, just facts, laid out for any man to own and use to become the real man that his partner has dreamed of all her life.

Download your copy at today, unless of course you like living that “frustrated celibate dude living with the grouchy frumpy wife” thing. It’s your choice; choose well, and choose now!

In the meantime, live well, be well, and have a wonderful day!
David Cunningham

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Keeping Mothers (Your or Hers) from Wrecking Your Marriage or Relationship

A mother-in-law can be a wonderful ally or a destructive juggernaut, and unfortunately is even a significant factor in choosing a mate, as those who didn’t give the issue due consideration will now attest. What can you do to ensure that your mother-in-law – or hers – doesn’t wreck your marriage?

I’ve written several issues about interaction with your mother-in-law, and if you’ve not read them, see February 16, 2008 and February 17, 2008 before advancing into this fairly delicate issue.

Today’s issue is a touchy one, one that many couples deal with, and much to their chagrin I’m sure: the issue of a pushy, bossy, over-protective, and/or just plain busy-body mother of the wife. Don’t get me wrong; men’s mother’s can be a pain in the neck, too, but wives’ mothers have a little more room to be obnoxious and we men often don’t have nearly enough appreciation for how much stress their influence can cause, nor that we can do something about it. To wit, meet Hillary:

Hi David,

My mother has dominated me in every part of my life since childhood, and won’t stop. I’m now forty years old, and she continues to be the same overbearing and over-protective woman she was when I was in pigtails. I can’t even discipline my own children or have a serious discussion with my husband without her trying to push her agenda to exclusion of my own. She calls me several times each day and literally interrogates me about what’s going on with everyone in my family, what I’m doing, what I’m thinking, and anything else that might give her an opportunity to force her values, priorities, and opinions, which often differ from my own, on me and my family,.

There have times when I could overcome the childhood fear of having her mad at me, but most of the time she upsets me to the point where I am reduced to that same emotional wreck I was as a small child, giving in to everything she says to seek her approval. I know that I need help with this, and I’m in counseling, but it is proving to be a long, slow battle, because the counselor says that the way she treated me is genuine emotional abuse, and was traumatizing. I don’t necessarily believe that my mother meant to hurt me, but I do know that she meant to control me and she knew that she hurt me frequently.

I’m sharing this with you because my husband of 22 years, Dirk, still refuses to get involved in this, in spite of me begging him repeatedly to do so. I’m not yet strong enough to get her off of me and keep her off, and apparently he’s not either, or else he just doesn’t care. Every time we try to talk about it, he ends up yelling at me for being weak and unable to control my mother. I need more from him than to just tolerate my mother’s abuse and leave me on my own to handle this. I need him to intervene because he should be able to be strong enough to protect me from her or anybody else who tries to abuse me. Is that too much to ask?

I don’t know what to think. I can’t get him to talk to me about this enough to know whether he really thinks my weakness is disgusting or whether he’s making a big show of being mad at me to hide the fact that he’s also afraid of her. I’ve asked him to come to just one counseling session with me so my counselor could help me sort this out, and he just gets angry about me asking and complains about the money and time I spend to go to counseling. How can I make him understand what I’m going through and why I need him to help me? I’m at the end of my rope, and I can’t get my husband to start relieving some of this stress instead of adding to it, I’m going to have to do something that we’re all going to regret, because I can’t take any more of this.

Thanks so much,

Well Hillary, I’ll tell him for you. Have him read this, and hold an iron skillet in your hand aimed at his head when you suggest to him that he read it, just to make sure the message gets through.

Dirk, and the rest of you, listen up. When there is a conflict between the women in your life that involves you and is obviously not getting resolved, it’s your job and responsibility to step in and address your wife’s adversary directly, and it is imperative that you do so swiftly and firmly, but with an even hand. Why?

For starters, you’re built to fight and protect, and better suited for it, and doing so is part of the price you pay for the benefits of the nurturing nature of a woman. It doesn’t matter if it’s your wife’s mother, your own mother, one of your daughters, somebody’s sister, or a busy-body friend who wants to stick their nose into family business; if somebody is stressing your wife to the point that she wants to talk to you about it, you need to offer to help, and if she comes out and asks you to help, you’re not a man if you don’t.

Now let’s clarify a thing or two before some of you get riled up and start sending nasty-grams. First, I am not implying that you should give your wife license to be a total screw-up and defend her stupidity. If she’s a substance abuser and her family is trying to talk her into straightening up, by all means you should be joining them, not protecting her from hearing the truth. That’s how you fulfill your responsibility to protect her life and well-being. But, if your mother-in-law (or your mother!) is trying to force her value system on your family as Hillary describes, or if your daughter is being an insufferable brat, or some single friend of your wife’s is relentlessly hassling her to leave her family at home and go out bar-hopping with her and won’t take “no” for an answer, some sister who has no children is trying to experience motherhood vicariously by trying to instruct your wife on how to raise your kids, or something like that, “it’s time for an intervention,” as the saying goes.

Also note that not all women will need help, and if you butt in when they are handling it they will resent your actions. You don’t need to ask permission, but you do need to verify that there is a need and that your assistance isn’t going to cause your wife to resent you for trying to help. You also need to be fully informed about what’s going on and it never hurts to hear all sides of the story before drawing your sword and shield. Your objective is to be a hero protecting his wife, not a controlling bully.

Also be aware that women have been known to adhere to deceitful and abusive family members when it came down to a choice between them and their loving, supportive husband. Yes, that sounds crazy, but there is a sort of illogical logic behind it if you can follow it. An insecure woman, especially one with issues of not getting enough attention as a child or having been abandoned by one or both parents due to divorce or death, will see her family as her “fallback” position if something goes wrong with her marriage. When I have seen this in the past, it took a combination of a strong husband not giving in to the wife’s desire to seek the approval of her family and personal counseling to resolve the childhood issues that cause her insecurity.

Now for the good news, bad news element. If you do stand up and take the leadership role and tell whoever is making life hard for your wife that they will either stop or their contact with your wife will be stopped until they can behave themselves, one of two things will happen. If your wife wants your help in the matter, you will be seen as the strong, attractive knight in shining armor and you’ll quickly see her love, trust, and appreciation of you skyrocket, and her attraction switches will also be flipped on full power. You gotta love it when that happens…

However, if your wife is very emotionally damaged (provided that you have listened carefully and have appropriately stepped in to take appropriate action), she may in fact become enraged, defending those from whom you were protecting her! This is the worst of all possible scenarios, especially if she refuses to see that there is a problem, and is a sign that you in fact married the wrong woman, because she is too damaged or for some other reason just doesn’t choose to love you and be loyal to you as a wife should be to a husband, which is not one whit less than a husband should love and be loyal to his wife.

Unconditional love you say? Don’t get me started. If you think you can love someone and remain married and loyal to someone who does not love and cannot remain loyal to you, then you deserve every ounce of pain you endure because of it. To love is to value. How can you value that which would act to steal from or destroy your life? How can you remain loyal to that which would cheat you out of your life, or abuse you as you try to share your life? How can you even consider loving or remaining loyal to someone who has a reckless disregard for any life, theirs and yours included?

There must be a condition for real love to exist: that it is offered in trade for your fair share of the same, otherwise you pour your life down the drain, offering it to those who would destroy it without regard for the fact that every second you give of your life is one that can never be recovered. Anyone who would have you believe otherwise is setting you up to steal a piece of you himself, just like those who would have you believe that money or the love of money is the root of all evil is looking to take your money from you for himself. And no, that’s not my opinion, that’s the reality that surrounds us, and you ignore it at your own peril.

So there it is, Gentlemen. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be a man, protect your wife and family when necessary, and protect yourself in the process. That can be a tall order, especially if you don’t know how to communicate with women well, but if you do it right, with justice and reason as your sword and shield, your reward will be everything your wife can muster to love and nurture you. That’s a prize worth winning, for sure!

So how about it? Are you fit for duty? Do you have the communications skills, the understanding of women, and the “intestinal fortitude” to handle the job? If you do, I’m a bit curious as to why you are reading this, but if there is even the slightest question in your mind as to whether you could maneuver through this mine field successfully, including navigating through any possible aftermath, then you need to go to and download your copy of "THE Man’s Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage" and go through Uncle David’s “boot camp in a book” before the situation arises.

Or, if you really want, you can wait and try to learn how to do this when you’re already under fire and too stressed out to make good decisions. Do yourself a favor and do it now while you can do it the easy way; I’ve done it the hard way and in a nutshell, the hard way really sucks, more than you can imagine before you’ve lived through it.

In the meantime, live well, be well, and have a wonderful day!
David Cunningham