Monday, May 19, 2008

A Reader Shows How Small Things Make Big Differences in Relationships and Marriage!

A reader says in this success story that improved communications and noticing the little things, along with a good dewussification, were the keys to saving his relationship and making things hot and fun again. You can do this, too!

I’m getting a lot of success stories daily, which I’m loving because while making a living is the reason I work, helping people make their lives better is the reason I chose this particular pursuit, and it’s still increasing daily. Meet Jason, who first wrote me with some of the most bone-headed questions I’ve had from any reader, took my advice and made an investment in his future, and now he’s one of “us,” a guy who really “gets it” when it comes to having a great relationship the easy way. Check him out:

Hey David,

Well dude I’ve got to tell you that your book was well worth the money I paid for it. Compared to half of all I own, the price of the book was a bargain! As you know, my wife has always told me I was a real jerk, but until I read your book I didn’t know how right she was, she was dead on.

Looking back I’ve made some whopper mistakes in my marriage and am surprised that my lovely wife Daphne lasted 4 years with me much less still loves me. I never thought of myself as a wuss, but looking back I’m surprised my wife didn’t just shoot me and get me out of her misery.

You might remember there were so many problems in my marriage I wouldn’t even know where to begin. The one thing I really regret though is how I treated my wife by simply ignoring the basic things she needed from me. Yeah, I could tell her I loved her, but I never showed her just how much I really did love her.

Thanks to what I’ve learned from your book on how to pick up on those hints and her body language I’m batting near a thousand every day now. Popping up occasionally at home on my lunch break just so I can spend a few extra minutes with my wife is great and she loves all the little extra things I do to give her some special attention.

I can’t imagine how anyone could spend one more day without knowing all they can about the one they love. I know that thanks to your book I’ve gone from first class wuss to a real man and one that turns my wife on just by walking through the door. She loves it when I let out my inner beast because that lets her feel free to turn hers loose as well and when they are both out there is no limit to what can happen.

Thanks again for showing me what a real man can do and how it makes a real woman come alive again.


Shoot you and put you out of HER misery? Everybody loves a smart-ass!

Seriously, congratulations! Making an investment in your future always pays off as long as the information is good. Apparently this information is, because the 118 couples who helped to test it all kicked their relationships up to notches previously unknown, and readers are writing daily about how much it is helping them.

Women seem like complex creatures, but their needs are not so complex; if they were, humankind would have been extinct long ago. While I’m thinking about it, kudos to your wife for holding out and proving once again that women often give their men ample opportunity to straighten up when they drift off down the wrong path.

Personally, when all these women taught me what makes women tick, and what they want, I was shocked, and for awhile I really thought they were hiding something for some reason, because it just wasn’t so mysterious as what the poets, songwriters, and playwrights have led us to believe over the years, and Gentlemen, I must tell you, they are sick to death of being handled with kid gloves or dismissed as just being bundles of uncontrolled emotion.

They’re different from us, but not so different as you might think…

Women are tough, and while they do get emotional, there is a logic, or at least a predictable rhythm, to their behavior, and once you understand it, they are neither hard to get along with nor hard to live happily and play with. They’re wonderful and fun, especially when you bring out their playful, naughty side by being playful and naughty yourself, in the right amount and at the right times, of course.

Indeed, you may remember when you were first dating the woman you love, how much more exciting and fun things were. How would you like to bring that back?

You can do better than bring it back, you can exceed it, and men are doing it daily with “THE Man’s Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage.” It’s waiting for you at, an instantly downloadable e-book in PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format, for less than the cost of a good meal for two at a good restaurant, and as Jason says, that’s a lot cheaper than giving up half of all you own and adding to that legal fees, alimony, etc., especially when you love the woman and want to stay with her to start with!

Download it and get started now and give it your best shot, because no matter where you are in your life, starting over is a royal pain in the butt, and can be a costly one, too! Even if you’ve just lost some of the edge, there’s plenty in there for you, and it’s all easy and fun to do.

In the meantime, live well, be well, and have a wonderful day!

David Cunningham

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