Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Free Report, from Me to You!

I'm feeling generous, so here it is, for a limited time, a link to download the Break-Up Busting 101 series of posts that began this blog, all ten lessons, in a free report in PDF format, just for you...

I've been giving copies of this report away with the purchase of my book, "How to Be Attractive to the Woman You Love," and it's becoming really popular really fast. Here's why:

First, it's not like what you're used to seeing as a "free report." It's 45 single-spaced pages of text -- that's longer than most reports you pay for, which are generally around 45-60 pages of double-spaced or triple-spaced type and cost anywhere from $20 to hundreds of dollars!

Second, it's information that you can really use from the moment you read it. I originally found that lost attraction or personality and value mismatching was the root of almost all relationship problems and set out on a mission to help men either fix the attraction problems or realize that they were mismatched and get out before things got really bad (mismatched relationships are almost never salvageable), but I learned a lesson the hard way:

Most men will not acknowledge that there is enough of a problem to require action until their wife or girlfriend is threatening a break-up!

They'll all admit after the crisis begins that they should have acted earlier, but very few seem to be proactive enough to head it off while it's still easily fixed, and I was flooded with e-mails about how to stop a divorce or a break-up so that men could have enough breathing room to identify the problems and make the improvements required to get their relationships back on track and then kicked up to notches previously unknown to mankind.

I began a series of e-mail newsletters that explained all the various elements of break-ups and how to arrest and reverse them, and since it was a crash course designed to provide very fast understanding and results, I named it "Break-Up Busting 101: A Crash Course in Saving Your Relationship." I reran that series once per quarter in my newsletter, with huge opening and response stats each time.

It's too late to sell the information because it's already appeared as free newsletters multiple times, but I wanted to make it more convenient for readers to have and pass around (yes, I'm encouraging you to post this report on the file-sharing networks like Limewire, Ares, Bearshare, Morpheus, etc., and e-mail it to your friends if you think they might be interested), so I stripped out all of the newsletter boiler plate and combined all ten lessons into a single PDF document, which you can download here:


If you don't have the free Adobe Reader required to open PDF documents, you can download it direct from Adobe here:


It will be a long time before you see another author giving away so much valuable information, so do yourself a favor and don't miss this opportunity. Even if things are going fairly well in your marriage or other committed relationship, you should still read it so that you can be aware of the signs of trouble and be able to take action while it's still easy to do so, before the complications, expenses, and pain become unavoidable.

There it is, from me to you. Enjoy, and put it to good use, for yourself and your family.

Live well, be well, and have a wonderful day,
David Cunningham

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