Friday, April 21, 2006

Be Careful What You Wish For, You Might Just Get It, Part 1

A female reader cautions women to be careful what they wish for, because they might just get it. Like many women who don’t realize that what they think they want and that to which they respond are often two entirely different things, she wanted a nice guy, got one, and was bored to tears, but with some help from “How to Be Attractive to the Woman You Love,” everything is finally the way she likes it.

Today’s episode is a success story from a woman who wrote me once before with a problem, with terrific lessons for both men and women on what women think they want and what happens when that’s radically different from what they respond to, namely, yes, the dreaded “B” word: boredom. Meet Daphne:

Dear David,

I hope it is ok that I am writing to you more than once, but I have something I think needs to be put out there for all to read. I am sure a lot of women have said "IF I could just meet a nice guy I would love that!" Well I am here to tell you be careful what you wish for. I used to say those exact words and I did find a nice guy. Then I wished he had found someone else besides me.

The trouble with a nice guy is just that. He is a nice guy. Now I am not saying all men should be jerks. I have had a couple of those as well. What I am saying is a typical nice guy is not attractive to a real woman. Women have all these ideas as to what a real man should be like sensitive and open and always doing everything for us and waiting on us and to be honest we are dreaming. Nice guys are fun for about an hour and after that you find yourself looking over his shoulder and yours for the naughty boy because the naughty boy excites us and we find ourselves so attracted to him he is all we think about or want especially in our beds.

After I bought your book and read it myself I left it for him on the bedside table in hopes he would take the hint, because I got goose bumps reading parts of your book and thinking about a man doing all those things with me and to me and wanted him to be the one to do them. I know men do not take hints very good, but I was hoping for once it would work and I would not have to totally crush him with the truth. No such luck. I finally had to tell him either read the book or I was out of there. After a few days of really taking your work serious I have a real man starting to form right here in front of me. I still have a nice guy sometimes but we’ll get past that eventually and the man’s man I see him becoming is great. But when I have the naughty boy come out to play I’m on fire all over again. He’s hot and he definitely makes me hotter than I care to mention.

If I could give some advice to your male readers, take this book to heart do what it says and you will never find yourself alone in the bed or in life again. No woman wants a wuss or a total ass. What we want is the best of all things in one package, and with some reading and a few attitude adjustments you could be what every woman is dreaming of in a man. Is that not what it’s all about? Being a man who is wanted enjoyed and loved by the woman of your dreams?

Men you can take things as they are and pretend all is well or you can make your wildest dreams come true. Women like to be just as sexually aggressive and free as most men so let us out and let’s enjoy the passion and heat with each other. Make it work for your life the way we have made it work for us. I can tell you our bed is never still and even when we are out I know the look in his eyes when he is thinking about us and now I want this man all the time.

David I know your wife has to be the luckiest woman ever since you already know the true secrets of making us happy. Thank you for giving the rest of us the chance to live it as well.


Wow! What do you say to something like that, except “thanks for writing it and congratulations on finding what you want”? Well, on second thought, there is a thing or two.

Daphne’s right about the “nice guy” thing in several respects, if you know what she’s saying, which the women here probably do, and anyone who has read “How to Be Attractive to the Woman You Love” does as well, but many of you men probably don’t have a clue. No, she’s not saying that women want a man to be mean to them, in spite of the reference to the naughty boy. What she’s saying is that when a man spends all their time together aggressively seeking to please and appease her, it’s weak, approval-seeking behavior that bores the mortal hell out of them, and they don’t like it at all. Yes, they want a man who is considerate, moderately well-mannered, etc., but ass-kissing, trying to buy their affection with gifts, especially expensive ones, etc., is not going to get it done; indeed, constantly being the considerate and well-mannered gentleman isn’t going to go over very well, either. There must be that naughty element of fun and mischief popping up when she least expects it, and several other things, all of which are interesting and fun for a man to be and do, brought to bear before you can sweep her off her feet and keep her up and happy.

I need to comment on one other point. Daphne seems to say that some reading and a few attitude adjustments are all that is required. That’s not always the case, but that’s probably what she saw, and it’s pretty close. To be the man that every woman wants and the woman you love wants to stay with, you will most likely have to make some fundamental changes in either your life or your knowledge base and habits, changes that you will enjoy, but which may take some getting used to, like becoming independent so you can act and feel independent, becoming a man who enjoys his life so you can act and feel as if you enjoy your life, genuinely, not as part of some façade. Faking it causes stress that kills relationships as fast or faster than the problems you try to fake your way through. Besides, who wants to fake being happy when you have the option of really doing it??? Or fake feeling confident when you have the option to really do it? Do you want to fret over blowing your cover or do you want to be calm and relaxed in your relationship because things really are going well? Yeah, I thought so… ;-)

You really can do it, and people like you are proving it every day. In my newsletter I’ve mentioned Phill, who in one week snatched his marriage from the jaws of the divorce monster – they were negotiating the visitation agreement! – and had his wife moved back into his house and making long-term plans with him within a week of buying the book. Last I heard from Phill, now that the fire is out he’s rebuilding the forest, steadily making changes that his wife, coworkers, and everybody else are seeing and liking, and he’s enjoying his new confident “Jedi Master” self (as we call him). He had been attractive while they dated and after they got married; it was the birth of his son that somehow caused him to start catering to his wife, second-guessing his decisions, and doing wussy stuff that annoyed the hell out of her to the point that she left moved out with most of their belongings and filed for divorce. He’s still learning and making adjustments, rising to the eternal challenge that is “woman,” and he says life just keeps right on getting better and better.

Do you really want to put this off any longer? I advise you to get your copy of "How to Be Attractive to the Woman You Love" now and start fixing problems and improving your relationship, not because I’m selling a book, but because the book I’m offering to sell you has what you need to fix existing problems, large and small, and prevent those that haven’t started or are just starting from becoming huge, painful issues, especially since it’s far easier to prevent any problem than to fix one. The fix and the preventive medicine are the same, it’s just a matter of how much pain and pressure you can endure if you put it off until it forces you to deal with it. Ask yourself, is the interest you save on spending $39.95 a year or two from now, or even five or ten years from now, worth the hassle of the boredom, fighting, temptations, suspicions, affairs, and heartache that you may endure before you finally decide it’s time? Five percent interest on $39.95 is just a hair under $2.00 per year you’ll save by waiting until the last minute. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t endure an hour of boredom to save $2.00 a year, let alone a fight, and we’ll just not talk about what I’d do to avoid the affair…Or would you like to compare that $2.00 to the cost of having an attorney involved in a worst-case scenario while you try to do what Phill did? There just doesn't seem to be an upside, does there?

So you finally see the light? Good. Get on over to and buy your copy of “How to Be Attractive to the Woman You Love” right now, and don’t forget that all who buy before the women’s companion book is available will receive a free copy the day it’s posted for download. It’s even bigger than the men’s book, and covers a lot more material, because their needs are a lot more sophisticated than ours (we need about three shades of red: medium rare, candy apple, and blood – take a look at a lipstick and nail polish display rack to see how many women need!), and if all goes as planned, will help them avoid the bad men and find and enjoy the good ones, like us, so make sure you get a copy for your daughter, sister, or some other special woman.

In the meantime, live well, be well, and have a wonderful day!
David Cunningham

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